Learn From the Experts

Join our athlete community and get advice on becoming a better leader from professionals on and off the field. Attend a webinar, listen to our podcast and learn from our How-To’s.

Grow Your Network

Collaborate with our growing network of impact makers from around the globe. Working together through the power of sports is an amazing recipe for success.

Make An Impact

Our goal is to make a more connected and empathetic world through the power of sports. Together we are working to create a Global Family One Sport At a Time.

How Many 1000000 Impact-Makers Can Join the Movement

are getting involved to make an impact through the power of sports

Get Ready

We have created a guide to help you in making the biggest impact on yourself, your community and the world. Check it out and see what impact we can create working together.

You can learn from anywhere

Collaborate and learn from the comfort of your own home. We have created a network and leadership development platform where you can connect using a desktop or any smart device.

Learn online, share ideas, get notified

Connect with other impact-makers around the globe through the power of sports. Share your stories, pictures and impact all in one platform. Our goal is to create a Global Family One-Sport At A Time.

Get Started

We want to make sure you are ready to make an impact from Day 1. Review our orientation schedule to meet with an E2P Representative on ways to maximize your Ambassador Experience.

What Ambassadors Are Saying…

Peter Curtin

“We take everything we have for granted and these people have very little in comparison, yet they are so happy and gracious. I think that is amazing. For me the most important lesson I learned is to live in the moment. Be vulnerable to everything that might happen and don’t miss what’s going on in the world around, because if you do you might just miss a beautiful life-changing moment.”

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